Fantasy Four Game 2

For all those who read about the first semi-final of the Thunder Treats Fantasy Four, here is the much anticipated second game of that Tournament.

Game 2

The One & Only (This squad is made up of guys who I doubt share their name with anyone else on this planet). The squad starts with a little guy out of UCLA. Tyus Edney is his name and coast to coast was his game. The little man could fly with the basketball in his hands. The second of three guards on the team is just a bit slower than Edney. I am talking about the chubby point guard from UConn, Khalid El-Amin. Nobody liked this guy. Why? Cause he was a fat kid playing the point at UConn and he was better than the skinny kid. Don’t as me how. The third guard helped a basketball program return to the national spotlight and they have been there since he left. Scoonie Penn led a Buckeye Squad that returned to the tourament and made some serious noise. Playing the wing is a guy that was on the cover of Sports Illustrated before he even played one college game. Needless to say, he didn’t live up to the hype. That’s right, the red storm brought us Felipe Lopez. A Superstar in the making that feel short of being super or a star. Playing in the paint are to monster that you don’t want to meet in an alley. From UNC is Makhtar Ndiaye (mack-tar N-Ji). This guy wore four shirts under his jersey and was still rather pudgie. Playing the X game in the paint was a fan favorite. Reuben Boumtje-Boumtje. Take a minute and soak that name up Reuben BOOM-SHAY BOOM-SHAY. SWEET.


Tall Sock Tuesday (These guys rocked out the high socks to the best NBA careers of any players in the Fantasy Four) Now this team may be undersized and undermanned, but the are tough and sure can shoot the rock. Golden Gopher Bobby Jackson was a great lock down defender and wore those high whites to a solid NBA career. These next two guys were teammates in the league and both wore them high back in the day. Keith Van Horn led Utah to the Final Four. Jason Terry did the same at Arizona. Solid Pros. Picking up a trend: High Socks=High paychecks in the NBA. Next guy continues to light it up in the league and rocks high whites or blacks depending on the uniform. Eddie House is a sharp-shooter. He might not have wore the high socks on a consistent basis while at Arizona State but he never go away from them now. The Anchor of this team did not have the success of the others but he did play in the league and he did wear high socks in college…well, atleast one high sock. O YEAH!!!! Kerry Kittles wore one high sock and one low. True Gangster. Nobody, had the sock game of Kittles. While at Villanova Kittles dominated with just one high sock. If you claim you never wore one high and one low during a pick-up game in your friends driveway, STOP READING, LEAVE THIS WEBSITE AND NEVER COME BACK, CAUSE YOU ARE A LIAR, AND THUNDERTREATS DOESN’T LIKE LIARS.

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