The Most Exciting Health Discoveries In Recent Years To Help Modern Illness

You know the normal advice that everyone gets in order to maintain their optimum health, start exercising, eat well, and be happy. But, this really is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the modern medical world is concerned. Yes, looking after yourself to prevent any lifelong diseases is an essential way to looking after your general health, but with science and technology leading the way when it comes to diagnosing illness, as well as treating it, what are the most exciting developments in recent years?

Cancer therapies

Cancer fingerprinting has been one of the newest approaches in analyzing how cancers react to different types of treatment. Because every type of cancer has a specific set of traits, or a “fingerprint”, this helps medical specialists to examine the genes of the tumors. As a result, this can better help how cancers react to specific types of chemotherapy. Hera Bio Labs is one search laboratory that is pioneering the use of the SRG rats, where the act of taking a patient derived xenograft has spearheaded a foundation for new anticancer treatments.

The treatment of gut bacteria

Over the last few years, our understanding of gut bacteria has increased dramatically. We’ve seen how it impacts, not just the gut but the rest of the body. As a result, we’ve seen more into how the microbes in our digestive system affects our brain function.This is only the start, but gut bacteria has been researched so much recently, that they could be used as potential treatments for Crohn’s disease, as well as allergies, and cancers.

Stopping seizures

Epilepsy is one of the most common reasons for seizures now. Approximately 15 million people suffer from it, and an invention called the NeuroPace, where sensors implanted into the brain send electrical pulses to prevent the beginning of seizures, has been shown to be a major weapon in the fight against epilepsy. Those with epilepsy can have a debilitated lifestyle as a result of this condition, but the NeuroPace is an exciting development in how this disease can be treated.

Using A Vaporizer For Smoking Cessation

 In the past few years the medical world has seen the rapid adoption of high quality pen and portable vaporizers as a means to help curb cigarette smoking. The medical industry is constantly doing research into the potential health benefits of vapes, which work at a lower temperature and thus do no actually create combustion. Because there is no combustion there is no smoke, so many studies show that materials that are vaporized have a much lower percentage of tars, toxins and carcinogens than smoke that comes from a cigarette or other combusted objects.  Many recent medical studies support the contention that vapes are safer than cigarettes.  And in the realm of legal cannabis, many consumers are now choosing to use a vaporizer to consumer dry herb and concentrates, again citing the health benefits over actually inhaling the smoke.

Reprogrammed T-cells

It would have been unheard of in the fight against leukaemia 10 years ago. By programming T-cells to fight this specific strain of leukaemia, there have been fantastic results so far. Specifically relating to the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, during a trial treatment of these reprogrammed T-cells, 94% experienced an elimination of the symptoms. And also, over half of the patients had a complete remission of the cancer.

This new frontier of medicine, with the potential to eradicate certain diseases can mean that, us mere immortals feel that we don’t need to look after our health. But, this is only the start as far as the experiments are concerned. As a result, we could feel somewhat lazy with regards to our own health, but for all of these positive outcomes in relation to illnesses like cancer and leukaemia, they have no replacement for us having the power to look after ourselves. Yes, it’s comforting to know that there can be help for us in the future, but buy living a healthy lifestyle in the first place, hopefully it will stop us all getting to the stage where we have horrible illnesses.

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