Dirty Vegas is back with "Electric Love"

How many of you guys remember Dirty Vegas and their hit “Days Go By”? If you can’t hear the song in your head I am sure you can at least picture the video. It is definitely one of those music videos that I cannot forget. Kind of like Aerosmith’s “Cryin”.

[youtube id=eIyVABf1rtk ]

Well Dirty Vegas is back with their new album “Electric Love” which is due in stores April 26th. We posted below the first single from the new album, which bears the same name. This video is a must watch. Jena Malone, the baber day from Into The Wild, Donnie Darko and The Soloist is the our main character in which we get to see her show off her pole dancing skills. Also, watch til the end and tell me if you have ever used a car battery and jumper cables in that fashion.

[youtube id=hlPzeJ1et8Q ]

Personally I love “Electric Love” and I look forward to hearing the full album soon. Also, Jena Malone is reportedly going to be in the bands second video off this new album too, which certainly doesn’t suck.


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