DING DING DING.  Even though Billy Mays falls near the bottom of my infamous hate list, I still have to say that he has been especially annoying as of late.  First it was Oxyclean commercials driving me insane, then it was those plug in light switches.  The name of those plug in light switches escapes me at the moment because I never left the commercial on long enough to know what the hell he was screaming about.  Why is that Billy Mays forces most of america to adjust the volume on their TV’s during his awful infomercials?  I mean this guy has probably broken priceless china or deafened small children with his insane yelling.  Can you imagine if Billy had to yell over a crowd at you?  Yikes, that would register on the Richter scale.  The reason Billy Mays is back on my radar and moving up the hate list is because for some unknown and cruel reason, ESPN has decided to let him do some of their commercials.  WHAT THE HELL!  The worst part of all of this is that it is not just limited to television, he can be heard on the radio too.  I was at work today with headphones on (the reason for the headphones will be another post) and a commercial with Billy Mays came on and now I have a high pitch ringing in my left ear.  There should be a warning before his commercials for both TV and radio.  How anyone thinks he helps promote sales of a product is downright insane and is fit for a straight jacket.  This post has helped me to deal with my hatred of Billy Mays and has been very therapeutic.  There is one nice thing, and only one nice thing, that I could possibly say to Billy Mays if I ever get to hit him with my car…Nice Beard.

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