Dan Patrick > Colin Cowherd

Years ago, I made the life changing decision to only listen to sports talk radio while in the car. Gone were the days of rolling down the windows and blasting the hottest music in hopes of catching the eye of some impressionable freshmen. It was time I started listening to man radio – sports talk radio. When I first let my fingers take a stroll along the radio dial and drift away from the friendly sounds of Hot 101.1 FM, the AM world was scary and confusing. I quickly located ESPN radio and didn’t move the dial. I would start every morning with a serving of Mike & Mike in the Morning and follow it up with The Herd with Colin Cowherd around lunchtime. I thought both shows were great, but I really looked forward to The Herd. It was opinionated and in your face radio, which I liked because most of the time I agreed with him. I thought he was funny, saying things like “I would punch him in the neck” and he made stupid bets that included him getting a tattoo. Then I moved out west and due to the time difference, The Herd became my morning commute ritual. My man crush on Cowherd continued to grow and I eventually started listening to him at work. But then a couple of months ago, I started to really dislike Cowherd. I came to my senses and realized that I disagreed with a majority of his opinions, his guests sucked (see Steve Garvey yesterday and Ellis Hobbs today) and his in your face style started sounding like he was always whining about something. I guess part of it is not his fault – he is forced to tow the company line and have at least one guest per day from the ESPN payroll (see Peter Gammons yesterday, Keith Law today) and his time slot is 9 hours long, but it still does not excuse his suckiness. I soon realized my relationship with Cowherd was unhealthy. Kind of like the relationship most guys have with the first girl that touched their wiener – they think she is the greatest girl ever until they get a second girl to touch their pee pee and suddenly life is full of choices. For me, that second girl was Dan Patrick. In Vegas, the DP Show is in the same time slot as Cowherd, but on the Fox affiliate. I started listening to DP when Cowherd went to commercials on my morning commute to work. I found the DP Show to be clever and funny and I like DP’s interviewing style – i.e not afraid to go right at one of his guests and ask some difficult questions. I am also smitten with Patrick because he has a tendency to bash “The Mothership” (ESPN) every once in a while. I am now exclusively listening to DP in the mornings and I think you should give it a try as well. If you are a regular Cowherd listener, substitute the DP Show for a week and let me know what you think. It could change your life – or it could leave you trying to reconnect with girl #1.

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