Cyclist Doing It Wrong, Runs Straight Into A High-Speed Train

There are so many questions I have for this person in Opole, Poland. Like, didn’t they look for a train when they saw the crossing arm was down? Or maybe, didn’t you, ya know, hear the train coming? Or even, do you even have peripheral vision, bro?

All of those questions warrant an answer, but for now you will just have to be satisfied with the amazing video footage of this person weaving through the crossing arms of the railroad crossing and quite literally bouncing off the side of a high-speed train.

Though the person appears to be dead on impact, they actually walked away with minor injuries. Also, they walked away with a fine for crossing when the arms were down.

The train was reportedly delayed for 40 minutes because Einstein here broke some radiator grills with his dome.

Can you imagine the complete holy shit feeling coursing through the body of the person in the car behind him? Also, I have to believe a “Final Destination” chain of events has just been put in motion for this guy.

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