Six Pack: Cure for Cancer, Trade Demands for Anthony Davis, Lost Pants at Waffle House and Black Panther Hype

/1/ Israeli scientists have exciting news as they think they have found a cure for cancer

/2/ A man in Louisiana killed his girlfriend and her parents. Then killed his parents. Then was apprehended when he was going after his grandmother in Virginia.

/3/ New Orleans Pelicans humongous NBA player Anthony Davis will not be signing an extension and has demanded a trade. Here’s the potential asking price the Lakers would have to meet.

/4/ Here’s how not to respond to getting kicked out of a Waffle House.

/5/ Was Black Panther good? Yeah. Was it worthy of all the hype? No. It isn’t. Don’t argue. It wasn’t even the best Marvel film of 2018.

/6/ Apparently people streaming Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapesthink the serial killer is a hunk and Netflix wants them to snap out of it

Really stuck the landing.


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