Well here it is. The much anticipated Thunder Treats Sexy 16 is finally here! After what I can only consider “constructive criticism” from our readers, we have come up with a very competitive field for the final stretch of our tourney. Thank you to everyone who visited and thanks to all the commentors for their input. Thanks again to’s Extra Mustard for the shout out and the bracket love.

This week, there is a Cinderella Story out of the South region in Famke Jannson. She had considerable support from readers and her being a smoke face didn’t hurt the cause either. The number 1 seeds all rolled…with the exception of one…Kristin Chenoweth’s bid for a championship ended after an exceptional Teri Hatcher’s late surge. Mary Louise Parker and Carla Gugino both rolled to easy wins after the backing of SI’s Extra Mustard. Let’s hear your comments on who should move on to the next round. Also, we are going to need a new names for the next rounds because I’m pretty sure we can’t use Elite Eight or Final Four…Let me know guys. Thanks and Enjoy!

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