Charles Ramsey Heard Screaming, Uncovers Whereabouts of Amanda Berry & Two Others

Ten years ago, Amanda Berry went missing from a Cleveland neighborhood after getting off work at a local Burger King.  A year before Berry went missing, Michelle Knight vanished too.  About a year after Berry was abducted, Gina DeJesus joined them.  Massive searches by the police and vigils from the community were held for the missing women, but nothing ever turned up.  The families refused to give up hope that their loved ones were still alive and would one day return home.  Finally, after more than ten years, they will have their children back in their arms.

All thanks to Charles Ramsey, who gave an interview which will become one of the year’s most popular viral videos.


Charles Ramsey lived next door to 52-year-old former school bus driver Ariel Castro, who is believed to be one of the three brothers who is in custody as a prime suspect.

Ramsey, who was minding his own business and eating his McDonalds, heard screams from the house and went over to check it out.  That is when he saw Amanda Berry and heard her plead for help.

Figuring it was domestic violence, Ramsey broke open the door and helped Berry to safety.  He called 911 and gave the phone to her and let her explain the situation.

Bro, I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black mans arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway


It’s probably safe to say that if Charles Ramsey had ignored the screams from his normal neighbors house, the women may never have been found.  Thank you to Charles Ramsey for saving these young women and also for the gem of an interview we will all be enjoying.

Can’t wait for the auto-tune.

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