Brady Quinn's House For Sale

The pot is being stirred in Cleveland once again as it has come out that Brady Quinn has put his house in Avon Lake up for sale. The house, owned by Braydon Tyler Quinn, is listed at $775,000. This all coming after Quinn started the first 3 games of the season and was benched at halftime against the Ravens in favor of the less than stellar Derek Anderson. Head Coach Eric Mangini has stated that Derek Anderson will start despite completing only 2 passes in the 6-3 win over Buffalo. All these signs point to Brady Quinn being traded before the October 20th deadline. My guess his that Mangenious continues his pattern and sends him to the Jets. Kidding. I don’t know where he’ll end up but he needs to go to a place where they won’t jerk him around and waste more of his career. Whatever happens to the kid, I really wish the best of luck to him. He has been crapped on ever since draft day. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t take his “Brady’s Ladies” along with him in his travels…

UPDATE 10/14 9:03 am PST:
According to the Browns will NOT be moving Quinn before the trade deadline.

“We’re not looking to move Brady Quinn,” Mangini said Wednesday. “Brady is
a Cleveland Brown and that’s not anything we’re looking to do.”

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