Bob's Big Boy Statue Stolen


There is a new Big Boy Restaurant opening in Bakersfield, California soon and it may not have the iconic Big Boy statue out in front of the establishment.  The 300 pound statue was lifted last weekend after the owner of the restaurant put it out on display to signal the opening was coming soon.  Three guys, who put there shirts over their heads were able to loosen the bolts securing the statue and make off with it. 

I am not entirely sure what these guys are going to do with this statue now that they have it in their possession.  If they are like my friends and I when we were young and stupid, it will sit in someones basement and will be a point of laughter during the next party.  Over the course of high school we collected many things.  Mostly they were the newspaper stands and banners.  I don’t think we were ever ballsy enough to go for something as big as the Big Boy statue. 

Below is the video report from Willie Geist during his ZeitGeist segment on  His commentary on the subject is hilarious as he pretty much makes fun of these kids for giving the youth of america a bad name.  Check out the 1:45 clip, its is well worth it…




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