Basic Moms Everywhere Rejoice, There Is Now ‘Winecream’ To Add To Your Aresenal

If there are two things Mom’s everywhere love, it’s a good child rearing and a good glass of wine.

Things just got a whole lot more inconspicuous and delicious for the latter of the two.

Winecream is the brainchild from Crossroad Co. A family-owned business fighting out of Baltimore, Maryland and they may be on to something with their new indulgence.

We are the proud innovators of Winecream – wine ice cream. Our product combines the best of two worlds: super-premium, naturally sourced gourmet ice cream and craft-made fruit wines. The results are delicious, boozy frozen desserts.

My favorite part is “all of our food products are all natural…They are not healthy by any means, but they are absolutely delicious.”

Gotta love honesty.

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