Banksy Releases Highlight Video from His Artist Residency in New York City

Last fall, famed unknown street artist Banksy took to the streets of New York City to display some original artwork. True to his normal routine, he did so in the shadows of the night, in mostly illegal places. Sides of businesses, vacant parking lots, city construction sites and even the inside of a box truck were his canvases.

While Banksy gained a heavy online following in the previous years, his fame was reaching new levels while people couldn’t wait to see where he would debut his next work of art. Some because they were true fans of the street artists messages and some because they were total hipsters who were “over” the Banksy movement.

One of the cooler things that Banksy did while in New York City was set up a table with his original spray paint art for sale in Central Park. If you have ever seen a Banksy piece or were a fan of the artist before his “residency”, then you would have recognized this artwork in a minute. The best part? He was selling the pieces for $60 each while each of them had street values near $500,000.

After being touted as the Person of the Year at this year’s Webby Awards, Banksy released the video below. He also offered a message that was read by host Patton Oswalt.

“Oh, somebody painted over it.”

You didn’t expect him to actually show up, right?


The Webby Awards are an annual awards show that honors the “internet’s greatest pioneers”. The winners were announced May 20.


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