Awkward Mistakes Men Make When Getting Ready For A Date

Scoring a date with a hottie is exciting, and you can’t wait to take them on a date. However, if you want there to be a second date, you need to impress her. One of the main ways to do this is by looking your best for the date. However, a lot of men make mistakes which might put her off before the date has even properly begun! Here are some awkward mistakes men make when getting ready for a date!

They don’t dress appropriately for the occasion

One awkward mistake men make when getting ready for a date is they don’t dress appropriately for the occasion. A lot of men turn up at the location in clothes that make the girl feel uncomfortable. She will feel less comfortable talking to you if you are in a full suit at a casual location. You need to weigh up the location to decide what will be appropriate to wear. If you are having the date at your home, you will want to wear a pair of clean jeans and a shirt. If it’s going to be at a fancy restaurant, it will be time to spruce up and dress smart. Don’t dress completely different from your style either. She wants to get to know the real you, so you should show a bit of your personality with your clothes.


They have a bad shave

Another awkward mistake men make when getting ready for a date is they have a bad shave. It’s never good leaving your home for a date with irritated and red skin as you have had a bad shave. Make sure you shave earlier in the day, so you have plenty of time for your skin to heal if you do have a bad shave. You need to choose a great razor which will leave your skin nice and smooth. Remember to get rid of any old razors that are past their expiry date. Otherwise they will rip hairs unevenly leaving you with bleeding skin. You can find reviews online on sites like Major Beard for the best razors. Remember to sort out your chest hair as well before heading out.


They don’t make much effort

An additional awkward mistake men make when getting ready for a date is they don’t make much effort. Girls know if you have spent ages picking out a good outfit and getting groomed to perfection. If you turn up in a scruffy top with unkempt hair, they will know you haven’t made an effort and they might not want to see you again. Therefore, you need to make sure you put effort into getting ready. Keep it simple to impress her; you don’t need designer clothes to look your best. Have a shower and remember to put some aftershave on before you leave your home.


Remember you need to choose appropriate socks and shoes. Avoid trainers for a date as they are too casual. You also need to make sure you don’t use too much product in your hair. You don’t want it looking greasy on your date!

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