15 Awesome Bud Light commercials

bud-lightA friend of mine sent me a couple of Bud Light commercials from years past the other day and it successfully sidetracked me from work for about an hour.  An hour because I was all over You Tube searching for more funny commercials.  I decided since I was doing the research, I would compile the list and post them here for your enjoyment.  Most of these ads have been on TV at one time or another.  Some have been Super Bowl commercials and some have not seen air time at all.  Regardless if you have seen them or not, they are hilarious and will not let you down.  My favorites are the 3D Test Commercial, The Clothing Drive and The Swear Jar.  Check out the vids after the jump…

[youtube id=F-M-zInJrBw ]

[youtube id=HAJmNklUEPM ]

[youtube id=yZX9Rv_2_C0 ]

[youtube id=q7gP2V0U2lU ]

[youtube id=7DwbNDDHhRs ]

[youtube id=wV0B3maUK0E ]

[youtube id=EJJL5dxgVaM ]

[youtube id=1_sWcuXImTc ]

[youtube id=7UHKB6nQrzM ]

[youtube id=bOuI3eVUQY8 ]

[youtube id=09sQJKFjXBs ]

[youtube id=z5uxs4wQAhI ]

[youtube id=RrJnv2peeZw ]

[youtube id=cYIN-b8qjmo ]

[youtube id=HpKn27v8Sh0 ]

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