Are you using Facebook's "Pirate English"?

For those of you who are getting board with Facebook, don’t fret, there is something that is sure to make you experience better.  Thanks to one of my friends, John, I now know that I can change my Facebook page from plain old boring English to awesome Pirate English.

Yes, as in “arrrrrr”.

To do this just scroll to the bottom on the page and click on “English”.  A screen will pop up just like in the picture above.  Click the down arrow next to “English” and you will get another box where you can select “English (Pirate)”. 

I tried it out and I may not switch back.  There is something about how it refers to everyone as “Cap’n” and refers to your account settings as “Yarr Vessel” that makes it so awesome.  Definitely give it a shot, you won’t regret it…

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