And the Winner Is…

Technically, I should not be awarding a winner to this week’s poll. Mainly because there is no wrong answer and because I wouldn’t want to tell any one of the other three maniacs that they have lost. However, Thunder Nation has spoken and they have decided on Damon a.k.a Terry Crews from Friday after Next, White Chicks and The Longest Yard. It looks as though Terry hasn’t hit the weight room in a few years and has opted for beer and chips instead (my attempt at humor). This guy looks like he eats cows alive, does dumbbell curls with Harleys and mixes gasoline with his Coke. I think that if you attempted to shoot him in the chest, the bullet may actually bounce off. I think it is safe to say that if you ran into Terry in a dark alley he would have no problem removing your arms and beating you until you are motionless with them. Congrats Terry!

Speaking of the name Terry and speaking of huge, I haven’t seen a Terry Tate: Office Linebacker commercial in a long time…enjoy.

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