Air Raid for Atari Goes for $31K+


Ok, time to start cleaning out the garages ladies and gents and Tanner Sandlin is a prime example of why.  After reading a story on about rare video games that are worth a substantial amount, Sandlin recognized one in particular.  Air Raid for the Atari 2600.  He remembered this particular game because it was such a bad game.  Like most of us, we swap games with our friends all the time and sometimes we forget to give them back to one another.  Sandlin says this was never the case with Air Raid because it was so bad that people never wanted to keep it. 


Once Tanner found the game that was said to be rare he took it over to Albert Yarusso of who is an expert on all things Atari.  After a close inspection he deem Tanner’s game to be the real thing.  This game that was bought for $5 or $10 dollars back in the 80’s was now going on Ebay for the starting price of $.50.  The price would surely go up because he owned the only complete copy of the game known in the world, box and all. With around 5 minutes left on the bid last Saturday, the bidding was up to an astonishing $14,600.  With mere seconds to go the bidding jumped significantly to $17,528 and it finally came to rest at an almost unreal winning auction price of $31,600!   

This sets a new record for most ever paid for this particular game by about $28,600.  It is also the second most ever paid for a video game.  The most ever paid was $43,300 for the Nintendo Stadium Events game that was in its factory sealed box.  So readers, I urge you to go through your stuff from your earlier years and look for some hidden treasures.  If you are a parent, please think twice about throwing out your children’s old toys.  I myself kick my own ass on occasion for trading my original Nintendo, with games, in college for a some PS2 games.  Idiot, idiot, idiot…

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