Afternoon Delight: Nina Agdal, Dick Trickle Suicide, New Lonely Island, Man Dies from Coitis With Hornets Nest & The Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading

Nina Agdal was ranked AFTER Manti Te’o’s fake girl friend on Maxim’s Hot 100 list // If one Nina wasn’t enough for you, here is some of Nina Dobrev // South African Natasha Barnard is doing her best to model the Wonderbra //

Ian Kinsler had the most epic head first slide ever // Sacramento Kings sold to Sacramento Group, not going to Seattle // Johnny Manziel had fun throwing out the first pitch at a Padres game // Tayshaun Price dunked the hell out of the ball // Dick Trickle, one of NASCARs greats, dead at 71 from apparent suicide // Jeremy Affeldt is the most honest man in baseball // I’ll never get tired of seeing a soldier reunited with his family by surprise // Gronk needs his fourth surgery, will probably still party //

The Lonely Island has a new album coming out with this single // Female anchor gets Anchorman’d on live morning show // Tsarnaev wrote manifesto on the boat while hiding // Tornadoes in North Texas // Man dies after he apparently tried to have sex with a hornets nest // This girl was the sole survivor in a plane crash when she was 4 in 1987 // Kim Kardashian should name her baby Kankles // Las Vegas high school students will sing with the Rolling Stones // Amanda Bynes is coming back to Earth // Kai, the hatchet weilding hitchhiker has been charged with murder //

 I am in love with Nina Agdal


The Walking Dead – Bad Lip Reading via The Nosebleeds


Please watch Shay Maria. This is important. Must watch. via Bobs Blitz



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