Afternoon Delight: Maria Menounos Bikini, Blackhawks Win Cup, Aaron Carter Claims he was Jumped by ‘New Kids’ fans & Period Blood as Artwork

Maria Menounos wants everyone to know it is summer //  No, she really wants you to know // Jessica Kingham is a U.K. delight that reminds me of Victoria Beckham only with more curves //

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night // They did so in dramatic fashion, scoring two goals in 17 seconds // This baby, however, did not have as much fun as everyone else // What if NFL teams still had balls like the Cleveland Browns did back in the day? //

Kanye West has a new interview (joy!) with W Magazine where he explains why he has a song “I am a God”…It’s thought provoking // I don’t believe any of this Aaron Carter story, my bet is he fell down the steps // Chris Brown is being accused to shoving a girl to the ground in a club // This women collected clothes with her period blood on them for over FIVE YEARS to make “art” // Summer after high school graduation vs. Summer after college graduation //

Check out this new trailer for Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck’s “Runner Runner” via The Nosebleeds


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