A Three-Point Plan to Giving Yourself a Dad Makeover

As men in our 30s, we are somewhat overshadowed by the younger, fitter, leaner versions of us. With the image pressures we face as “older” men, we can feel somewhat inadequate. The news that Zac Efron was supposedly sporting a “dad bod” could send a message to all dads out there that this is what we all need to aim for, that it’s an incredibly unrealistic proposition to get to that when we’re so busy. But it’s time to tell you that it is possible. If you’ve been thinking about giving yourself a dad makeover so you can get somewhere near what Mr. Efron is sporting these days, let’s show you the steps. But also, what you can do to give yourself a dad makeover in other, more important, ways? 

Think About Style First and Foremost

We’ve got to get out of our heads that being perfect is not attainable. The first thing is that we’ve all got our own opinions of what “perfect” means. But when you start to think about giving yourself a dad makeover, the right style can cover up the multitude of sins, which is what every single person does, including those with supposed “perfect” bodies in your issue of Men’s Health! It’s all about pushing your tastes forward. You may very well be a dad that gets away with hoodies and tracksuit trousers that are supplied by companies such as The UpperRoom boutique. Or if you’re looking to have people take you seriously, you’ve got to think of yourself as a character that you dress as, with some tweed and a Brogue shoe. 

People are always going to judge you based on your appearance before you make yourself known to them. Therefore, you’ve got to choose a style that suits your outlook. While this may mean you’ve got to spend a bit more on key pieces, it is an investment upfront as it will make you feel better about yourself. After all, you don’t need 50 pairs of shoes, do you? One pair will suffice, and a couple of jackets can guarantee that you are able to switch up your wardrobe regularly.

The Importance of Exercise and Rest

One of the most common misconceptions is that we think we can over exercise to outrun the typical dad bod. But genetics have a lot to play in this. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you are looking for a certain body type but you aren’t built for it, it may not be achievable. But that’s not to say you can’t get the four pack you really want. Going back to Zac Efron and what he said about his Baywatch body, if he drank too much water, some of his abs wouldn’t show. You’ve got to think about this pressure and if you are willing to make the sacrifices. 

Even Paul Rudd, when he was making Ant-Man, said that he was miserable because he could only eat certain things. But it’s possible to feel happy in yourself but also have a realistic body. And a lot of it is to do with the right exercises for your lifestyle, as well as rest, and the right diet. Think about what you want to achieve first. If we use Zac Efron’s current image as a benchmark, he is clearly someone who doesn’t exercise all day everyday. And let’s remember, this is not realistic for us. But there are some fantastic resources out there to help you get to this point. A lot of it has to do with getting rid of the old fashioned exercise dogma because you don’t need to go to the gym all the time. It’s 80% diet! But also, we have to go back to the basics in terms of biomechanics. We need to send our body a signal in order for it to grow muscle. And this signal can be achieved by a certain type of high-intensity exercise. There are products like the X3 Bar that can help, but you should also look at resources like Body By Science. When you start to think about the biomechanics of exercise, rather than having to hit the gym 8 hours every day (which is not realistic) this will free us up. And if you don’t believe us you need to have a look at what these results can bring. But it’s not just about exercising it’s about having proper rest but also eating the right things. Put simply reduce your carbohydrate sugar intake and body fat disappears which shows off your muscles!

Emulating Your Heroes (but Being Yourself) 

We all have people we admire but when we become parents, our heroes may shift somewhat. Someone you admired in your 20’s isn’t all they are cracked up to be. So think about those people that you admire and what makes them so special to you. When we start to think about the alpha male, are these people real benchmarks of heroes? Look at people who are able to balance a hectic lifestyle with children, but also look good while doing it. 

When we think about someone like Barack Obama who, understandably, was clearly impacted by stress during his presidency, he had to find ways to make a balance in life. When he left the role, he took up surfing as a way to keep fit, but also have fun in life. When you think about what you are doing in your current life, and if your job is stressful or not, but you are also wondering if you are doing enough to look after your children, this is when you can take inspiration from those that have done it before. When you look at someone like Barack Obama who had the most stressful job in the world, this is when you can achieve a grand sense of perspective. He had two daughters at the height of his presidency with all of the problems going on. 

When you think about it for the basis of being the dad you want to be, consider these three components. Whether you want to exude more style to feel better about yourself, trying to get rid of that belly, or just need to learn how to cope with things better as a parent, giving yourself a dad makeover can uncover a few home truths. But rather than trying to be like someone else, think about being the best version of yourself.


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