6 Outdoor Activities To Help Your Digital Detox

More and more people are now trying to combat their social media addiction and get away from the digital world. And with the way that things are at the moment, there has never been a better time to get back in touch with nature. There is around a staggering 3.03 billion people on social media today, which is equal to around half of the world’s population. This fast-moving stream of information that needs your constant attention has to lead to our attention span decreasing to a worrying 8 seconds. Not to mention the fact that it can increase stress, anxiety, and heart palpations.

It’s no surprise that people are starting to search for a way to have a ‘digital detox’. You will see many influencers and bloggers speaking out to their followers about having regular time away from the digital world and it’s for good reason. 

If you are looking to stay away from the digital world there is no better way to do this than spend some time outdoors. It will help you to restore a better balance in your life and help you enjoy your time without your tablet, phone, or computer. 

Let’s have a look at some of the activities you could try: 

Hiking & Walking

Hiking is a brilliant way to literally get away from the busy online world. It is also known to fight depression and anxiety. You can set yourself goals for distance and complete it at your own pace, making it suitable for everyone. It helps both your physical fitness and mental wellbeing. 

Walking and hiking are very accessible, you most certainly don’t need to scale a mountain in order to feel the benefits. All you need is a comfy pair of walking shoes or boots and take a stroll anywhere that you like. Instead of driving to the shop, walk. Walking is also very easy to fit into your daily routine. If you can think about walking to work to help avoid the mindless scrolling of social media on your commute. 


Fishing is an activity that has stuck around. Even though we no longer need to hunt for your food to survive, fishing is something that is often passed down from generation to generation. When choosing a baitcasting reel or deciding which spot to start fishing, remember who taught you to fish. Most people will be taught to fish by a member of their family. It’s something that is learned from generation to generation and no one is ever quite sure how far back it goes. 

Spending quality time with your family, and teaching or learning to fish helps to promote a feeling of security and improves well-being. It can create fantastic memories and strengthen family bonds. If you’re looking for something that is going to keep you fit, you may be surprised ot find that fishing isn’t just about sitting and waiting for something to bite. 


Much like fishing, foraging is an ancient activity that has been passed down from generation to generation and often lives strong within families. It’s extremely popular in Europe and can turn a nice long walk into something rewarding and delicious. 

Whether you have had this passed down through your family or you would like to add it to something for your family to hold onto for future generations, foraging is something that may also encourage you to read and research. Research is your best friend when it comes to this activity. You can thoroughly enjoy the body of nature from foraging, from fruits and nuts to fruits and berries, and mushrooms, there is plenty to get your hands on. 

You do need to be careful though, not everything that you find will be safe for eating. This is where the research comes in. Develop your knowledge of the local plant life, and you will be sure to find that this is an enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding outdoor activity that can get you rooted back into nature. If you are unsure about picking things, why not consider capturing them on camera instead?

Rafting And Kayaking

These are two brilliant ways to enjoy the outside world. You can explore the waterways and literally let your troubles float away. Kayaking or rafting can enable you to see the world from another perspective. It’s amazing how you will feel just following the course of a river through the hills and forests. 

On top of this rhythmic actions like paddling, can put you into a small meditative state, thus, helping you to relax and stay calm. This activity isn’t very phone friendly because for the one you are on the water, and two of your hands are always busy. You can, of course, store you belonging in a dry bag and also wear a waterproof jacket. But this activity could be the ultimate way to stop and the temptation of using your digital belongings during your detox. This activity is great if you struggle to stick to a digital detox as physically can’t go and check Facebook or Instagram

If you find peace and relaxation from doing something that’s a little more full-on and exhilarating, you may want to consider white water rafting. It will help to occupy your mind as well as be exciting and challenging. This is a very fast-paced activity but it’s certainly something fun to keep you away from your phone. 

Paintball And Airsoft

Who said that getting away from the hustle and bustle and social media had to be done alone? Group activities such as airsoft or paintballing can work great to keep you fit and strengthen bonds with people you can trust; your teammates. You can work together to achieve the same goal while using strategy and skills. This will give your mind a workout on top of giving you some exercise. It may be a little more expensive than other outdoor activities. This is because of the hiring equipment. However, if you’re looking for something for a group of people or want to channel your energy constructively they are second to none. 

Rock Climbing

If you are looking for a way to teach yourself how to focus on just one task at a time because you have a million and one things thrown at you every day, try your hand at rock climbing. The goal is simple, climb the obstacle. 

Rock climbing is beautiful for helping your mind become clear and less stressed. You have to be single-mind and be able to focus on the end goal. While you are climbing, you know that you can’t lose focus, otherwise, you could come tumbling back down from slipping. You will need plenty of practice, especially on safety precautions, make sure you always use carabiners to support you.

Teaching yourself to finish one task before starting another and being able to focus on one thing at a time is an invaluable skill in a world that is constantly grabbing for your attention on the wrong things.

As well as this, rock climbing does wonder for your muscles in your body, it helps you to use the muscles that often go underused. If you are new to rock climbing you will ache as you have never ache before the next day, but over time your fitness will improve, similar to lifting weights. 

Whether you need peace and quiet or to use physical exercise as a distraction, one of the best ways to escape the digital world is to get outdoors and be active. Life can certainly be tough, so when the digital world gets too much, remember to step away.

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