50 Cent Squashes Beef With Oprah

50-1It has been a little while since we have heard 50 Cent grace the airwaves but that isn’t stopping him from entertaining.  Like most celebrities, 50 Cent has a Twitter account and he uses it quite frequently.  However, unlike most celebrities and rappers, 50 Cent can be pretty hilarious.  He showcased his talents yesterday when he got into a Twitter feud with his dog, Oprah Whine Free (get it?).  What makes this especially funny is that it is clearly Fiddy who is tweeting from both accounts and he even digs on himself saying “dont nobody wanna hear that shit! he aint made a classic since get rich or die tryin”.  The best comes at the end when PETA gets involved.  50 Cent and Oprah makes it perfectly clear to PETA how they feel about them.  I will warn you, the language used is pretty graphic, so I am going to slap this with a NSFW tag.





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