5 Ways To Add Thrills To Your Commute

Commuting sucks. But there could be a way of making it less of a chore. If you currently spend your trip to work stuck in traffic jams or staring out of the window of a train, here are five ways that you could make the journey more fun.

Get on your bike

In some cases, changing your mode of transport could make a big difference. Cycling to work instead of driving could get some physical activity into your commute and perhaps even prevent you having to go to the gym. It will also be cheaper than driving and you may be able to bypass traffic jams during rush hours, possibly even making your commute quicker.

For long-distance commutes, a bicycle may not be an option. However, you could consider getting a motorbike. This can be an incredible hobby and equally great way of dodging the traffic jams. Whilst you don’t burn as many calories as cycling, you do burn more than driving a car. It can also be cheaper.

Exercise your brain

If you’re not able to bring any physical activity into your commute, why not exercise your brain instead? Solving puzzles on the way to the office could help to stimulate your mind for work. You could use apps and aim to beat your score each morning.

Learn a new a language

Your commute could be the perfect time to teach yourself a new language. If you usually drive to work, there are audiobooks available that could be great for learning new words and phrases. If you take the train you may be able to find a more interactive approach – certain apps offer quizzes and other ways of helping you learn visually.

Catch up on TV shows

There’s nothing stopping you from streaming your favourite TV show with today’s technology – not ideal if you drive to work, but great if you take public transport. Many channels now have online methods of catching up. A tablet may be more ideal for this than a mobile phone due to the increased screen size, and you’ll probably want some headphones so that you’re not broadcasting your TV show to the world. In some cases, you may be able to download TV shows onto your device rather than streaming them – this may help for commutes without Wi-Fi.

Clean your home

You’re probably thinking two things here: 1) how can I clean my home from my commute and 2) why would that be fun? Well with a remote-control smart vacuum cleaner it’s not only possible but exciting – who doesn’t like the idea of controlling a robot? These mini vacuum cleaners come with cameras fitted. Using an app you can direct where they clean. It may be useful simply for spying on your home and checking that everything’s in order.

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