5 Unexpected Benefits Of Joining The Army Reserve

The army isn’t for everybody, particularly those who don’t want to sign up to a full-time military career. However, joining the Army Reserve is different. You will serve part-time, only being called up when needed. This means you can still hold down your regular job and have a normal family life, while still enjoying some of the benefits of being in the army, not least an extra paycheck. It’s not all about combat, either. If being on the front line scares you, there are many other ways in which you can serve your country, including the career profiles found here.

There are the expected benefits from serving with the Army Reserve, including fitness training, new friendships, and the sense of pride from doing good in the world. However, there are unexpected benefits, too. Here are just some of them.

You will see the world

While you will need to travel around the world when called upon for active duty, you may also be asked to leave your country for a short while as part of your training. You will have to work hard, but you will see places that other people can only dream about, and you will get paid for it to boot!

You can further your education

Not only will you broaden your mind through the many experiences at hand, but you can also bolster your civilian education. With a military background behind you, you will receive scholarships and student loan assistance for courses such as this military MBA online. Being able to pursue a masters or a doctorate is something many people want to do but can’t afford, but you will get all the financial assistance you need.

You can enhance your civilian career

There are over 120 specialist careers in the Army Reserve, and you can get hands-on experience in your chosen field. From medical careers to jobs within engineering, you will quickly broaden your skill-set. Not only will you increase your knowledge, but you will increase the chances of promotion within your day-to-day career.

You can take to the air

Ever wanted to pilot a helicopter? In the Army Reserve, you can. We aren’t necessarily talking about combat situations, but you can assist with real-world situations, such as flying to areas where there has been a natural disaster and taking part in emergency rescues. Ever wanted to jump out of a helicopter? It takes a special kind of courage to do this, but as a reservist, you can also receive parachutist training. Now, who said being in the Army Reserve wasn’t as exciting as having a full-time military career?

You can leave whenever you want

Provided you aren’t in the middle of active duty; you can leave the Army Reserve whenever you want. This is the biggest advantage over a regular army lifestyle where you can’t simply quit whenever you feel like it. As we said, an army life isn’t for everybody, and despite the added benefits, you can leave the Army reserves easily if you decide this isn’t the lifestyle for you.

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