4 Fitness Activities to Try in 2019

Are you hopeful that you’ll stick to your workout plans in 2019? Many people self-sabotage their fitness goals in various ways, just like they do for all of their New Year’s resolutions. One of the commonest mistakes that lead to is that one chooses the wrong type of exercise and then gets bored. Once you hate your workout, keeping at it is going to be difficult.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to something that you’re not happy with. There are lots of trendy options you could try. The good thing is that these workouts are doable, enjoyable, and challenging. Here are some of the fitness activities that you can try this year and not deviate from them along the way.

  1.    Treadmill Exercises

A treadmill-based workout class is ideal for those who are seeking to gain stamina and running skill but don’t like going it alone. You can choose treadmill-only classes that involve racing, trudging up the hills, and sprinting through intervals with other participants. Or, you can go for a circuit-style class that allows for switching between treadmills and other exercises.

  1.    Energize Your Walking and Have Some Fun

Do you know that it’s possible to go from sedentary to sensational while shedding some calories and having a blast? Just walk a 5k and that’s all! It doesn’t have to be about a competition. You can just join your local 3.1-mile walk to have fun while promoting your health and fitness.

However, you need to assess your fitness before joining a 5k marathon. Walk at a brisk pace at least 3 days every week for 30 minutes. Ability to do this at a moderate speed for an hour can also be great. Then, register and buy the right gear such as walking shoes, sweat-wicking socks, and a stopwatch. It’s also important to layer your clothes.

  1.    Black Light Yoga

Whether you’re obsessed with yoga or just desiring to try something new, this fitness activity is surely going to be fun. You’ll get to perform this workout under a blacklight glow. That’s what the name of this type of yoga means.

Often, upbeat music accompanies black light yoga classes. The practice mimics a dance sequence. The combination of these features makes you feel more like you’re in a nightclub than a yoga studio. The end of the class comes with a toning down of things so participants can zone out and reconnect. Wear white or neon colors and you’ll appreciate it later.

  1.    Competition Cycling

A spin bike can offer a great workout. However, it can be monotonous for some people. A competition cycling class is for those who are seeking for extra excitement during their fitness sessions. The group workout atmosphere increases the intensity and motivates you even when you’re climbing those ambitious hills.


Any of these fitness activities can offer the results you’ve been looking for all along while keeping you from giving up on the way. At the same time, you can move in the direction many people are this year. Whether you’ll join a treadmill or competition cycling class or register for a 5k marathon, ensure you do enough research before starting your journey.


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