4 Fat Burner Supplements For Weight Loss

Fat Burner Supplements For Weight Loss are nutritional supplements that help the body to burn fat. They do this by increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. In some cases, they are referred to as miracle solutions which help people solve their weight problems. Unfortunately, when fat burners supplements are not used well, they could be harmful. This article looks at the four best fat burner supplements.

1. Caffeine

The substance is found in coffee, cocoa beans, and green tea. Caffeine boosts the rate of metabolism, which in effect assists the body to burn fat. Studies show that caffeine boosts metabolism by 16 % in about 2 hours. It acts as fuel, but the effect is more in lean people than the obese ones. But when you make taking coffee a habit, the body becomes tolerant to its effects. So, if you want to benefit from caffeine, you only need to take several cups of strong coffee every day. This way, it helps to boost the metabolism rate and by so doing, helps it burn fatter.

2. Protein powder supplement

High protein intake boosts metabolism and helps the body to burn fat. It also helps to curb appetite; thus, it reduces the amount of food you consume each day. Taking protein supplements also helps in preserving body muscles. Studies show that overweight people put on a high protein diet burn more fat than those placed on a moderate one. Protein curbs appetite and increases the levels of hormones like PYY, CCK, and GLP-1. It also reduces the level of Ghrelin- the hunger hormone. So if you find it challenging to eat enough amount of protein per day, you can still use protein powder supplements. You will get the same results.

3. Soluble fiber supplement

Soluble fiber supplements can help burn fats. Also, they absorb water in the digestive tract and form a substance that helps to curb the appetite. Furthermore, the supplement increases the level of fullness, making you eat less food. Studies show that soluble fat reduces the rate at which nutrients are delivered to the gut. When it happens, the body takes a longer time to absorb nutrients. Besides, soluble fats reduce the number of calories absorbed from the food. So when you absorb fewer calories and fats, you will succeed in fighting obesity.

4. Yohimbine

The substance is found in a tree Pausinystalia Yohimbe which is grown in West Africa. The back of the tree is used as an aphrodisiac and comes with the property that burns fat. When consumed, yohimbine blocks receptors referred to as alpha-2 adrenergic. When the receptor is present, it binds and suppresses the effect of adrenaline. Adrenaline encourages the body to use fat as fuel. Thus, Yohimbine could prolong the effect of adrenaline. It increases the rate at which fat is broken down to fuel.

All said, it is important to remember that some fat burning supplements are dangerous. They are not regulated by the FDA and may be contaminated with ingredients that may harm the user. So talk to your physician before you start to use any supplement.

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