3 Ways to Protect Your Renters

Being a landlord can be stressful for many reasons. One of the ways to ensure you are successful is to protect your renters. Being proactive in keeping them safe in the rental process is the best way to make sure you get positive reviews and a reduced stress level. Here are three simple ways to make sure you are putting your renters in the safest position possible:

Make Sure They are Aware of the Area They are Moving to

When someone signs a lease, there might be a chance that they are new to your area. Such tenants might not be fully aware of the nearest police station or fire department. In these cases, it would be helpful to offer renters a list of important contacts they might need to resort to during their stay in your property. Whether it be an after-hours emergency clinic in Stamford or an injury lawyer in Halifax, offering renters the appropriate local contact information will make them feel more welcomed and at home.

Also, make sure to know the safety regulations of the area you are leasing property in. Some cities require certain documents ensuring you don’t use lead paint and that you have a fire extinguisher close to the premise. Note that these safety regulations are good for you in case of an emergency and they help your residents feel more at peace knowing that their safety is the main priority.

It’s important for all parties to familiarize themselves with their rights as they move forward in the rental process, as these rights can vary by state. You should also make tenants aware of the eviction process when they move in so that they are aware of the rules and regulations should an eviction be constituted.

Clear, Concise Paperwork and Formalities

Having a mapped out application and lease signing process makes your renters feel like there is a strategy in place that works, and has worked in the past. This will make everything run smoothly and leave people pleased with the ease of the application. Many renters have issues with landlords not having steps that allow them to apply for a property or pay rent efficiently. So in order not to miss out on any potential renters, it would be best to put a plan in motion.

One way to make this process easier is by using online payment options and online rental application programs. These tools make potential renters more likely to feel that their information is being kept safe online. Handing someone a check and important paperwork might not feel safe and efficient. Shifting the process so that these transactions occur online saves so much time on your part and the renters, as well.

Also, make sure renters read the lease and sign it. If you create an online version, be sure to implement “I accept” buttons which can ensure renters have scrolled through the lease. There are a few rules that many tenants overlook, be it pertaining to subletting or having pets. Therefore, addressing these topics upfront can prevent disruptions down the road.

Undergo Background Checks

Background checks not only make your tenants feel safer, but you feel safer, as well. It is your right to know whether your prospective tenant is someone who has been charged with any violent crimes or offenses. Informing potential tenants of these background checks is also a way for them to feel safe when applying to the apartment complex. Be wary of common names that pop up in background checks. Investing in an effective background checking system is a way to make sure this process runs smoothly and error-free.

When considering renting a property, there are always risks for both parties. Standing out and solving the issues that many tenants have regarding safety is a way to keep good tenants and receive good reviews. These precautions will also help you know that your property is being occupied by safe and reliable renters.

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