3 Best Ways Of Recreation Without Equipment

If you are always busy and you live in the kind of routine where everything must be instant, even coffee, then you know that moving and exercising are often neglected. People often think that if they are not fat, then exercising is not for them. That is the first thing in the mindset that needs to be changed.

The main benefit of exercising is not an ideal figure. That is just a side effect. First, and the most important is the health benefit. The spot where most of the people start thinking about it, in most cases, is after visiting doctors, probably in their 40s or 50s. Their medical findings are not so good, and their body is sending a signal that change of lifestyle is inevitable. If you find yourself in these words, or you would like to prevent those states, implement some of the best recreation choices without the equipment.

Advice #1 – Corrective Exercises

The vast majority of us, through their life develop some kind of imbalance in their loco-motor system. Think of every pain in the neck after prolonged sitting, lumbar spine pain after picking up something from the floor, or pain in your shoulder when you reach for your plates. If you didn’t suffer some kind of trauma or injury in that region there is a big chance that your posture is imbalanced. Bad muscle length, the sub-optimal position of joints and the combination of those states cause the majority of postural problems.

The thing you can do here is to start corrective exercises classes. That will help you improve your mobility. You will feel immediate freedom in your joints after a few corrective classes. Corrective classes will also improve your flexibility and stability level. Those combined together will result in proper posture and in pain-free life.

Advice #2 – Energy depots training

After building proper posture, it is time to start with some aerobic or anaerobic type of energy depots training. Proper posture secures that injury risk is on a minimum level. A good example of energy depot training starting point is speed walking. If done properly it can burn a lot of calories and boost your aerobic capacities in the beginning. As you develop your capacities, you can start with light jogging around the block or in the park.

If you are not the morning type person, you can choose some kind of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) after work. Today group cycling is extremely popular. I bet you can find a class like this just behind the corner. These kind of exercise are extremely beneficial for your health status. Besides that, they will become your stress exhaust valve and socialization factor in your future life.

Advice #3 – Body Weight Strength Training

Last, but not least, no equipment recreation advice is body weight strength training. You probably have seen a lot of people in the parks doing push-ups or pull-ups and always ask themselves; „How do they find motivation“. They have found some kind of motivation in the very beginning, but after a few weeks, they develop a habit. A healthy habit. This kind of training will allow you to construct the training routine by your need and your conditions.

You can exercise outside. If the day is rainy, no problem, you have your living room with music by your choice. Your business trip is no longer a problem for your training because few sets of squats, push-ups and towel pull-ups can be done in a hotel room.

Of course you don’t need a strict calendar, you are not in some kind of horse racing schedule. Still, it is easy to find an excuse but for body weight training, there is no excuse. Try to set goals for yourself and set your weekly workouts in your agenda or notebook, so you try to fill it til the end of the week. Remember that your body is always with you and the gym is anywhere.

No Equipment – No problem

Few more excuses are knocked down. The gym is no longer too far from you, you don’t need a large amount of money on a monthly basis to improve your health, and you don’t need any equipment in the beginning. When we say health we think of physical but also of mental health status.

It is 100% sure, that after developing a good and healthy habit you will feel better in your skin. You will definitely look more satisfied and the world will become a better place for you. Exercising also has socialization component and you will surely develop a sense of belonging. With all that said, it is time to start. Do it today.

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