3 Advantages of Driving a Motorcycle Not a Car

Motorcycles are increasing in popularity right now and with gridlocked traffic in cities, it’s easy to see why more people might be tempted to ride something between bumper-to-bumper cars. But apart from the cool factor you achieve when you turn up in your leathers, what are the other advantages of driving a motorcycle?

You Can Get the Right Model For You

Though finding the right motorcycle can be a case of trial and error, with all the different designs available, you are almost guaranteed to find one that fits you perfectly. And by ‘fits you’ we mean that your body will feel as though it was designed to work with the motorcycle.

The height, weight and handlebars all have an impact on the position you sit in and how you feel when you ride. If you are choosing your first motorcycle, you should consider the position you want to be sat in. A cruiser will give you a comfortable upright position but will limit the speed you go at whereas a sport bike will put more pressure on your thigh muscles as you lean forwards.

Unlike cars where you are pretty much in the same position no matter what, the model of bike you choose will affect how you sit and how you drive.

You Can Park Much More Easily

There is nothing worse than arriving in a car park that is totally full but for one space next to a diagonally parked minivan. Unless, of course, you are riding a motorcycle. Given that a motorcycle is less than half the width of your average car, finding a space for it is a heck of a lot easier to do. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that so many more people are buying motorcycles now!

When you have found your space, making sure that you can get out easily is the next step but, once again, this is a lot simpler with a motorcycle than a car. There are a few rules to remember to make things easy: watch out for inclines, park so that you are ready to drive straight out of your spot and choose your parking lot carefully. Other than that, you are good to go!

You Will Save on Fuel

Because motorcycles are a lot lighter than cars, they tend to use fuel much more efficiently. This is great for you as it means you won’t have to fill up as often or spend as much every time you visit the gas station. It also means that you can use your motorcycle more often so though commuting by car might be infeasible, your motorcycle may just be more affordable – especially since you won’t burn through gas sat in a jam.

If you want to work out your fuel economy to see just how much better it is, there is a great calculator on Total Motorcycle. This will help you figure out whether a particular model could be the best one for you.

Motorcycles are definitely picking up right now and even people who had never considered riding one before are being tempted by new models and designs. Could this be the age of the motorcycle?

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