25 Year Old Meat Head Bro Getting Knocked Out by Papa Bro Will Make Your Thursday

There are a few things that every man on Earth knows. One is that Nina Agdal is a goddess and the other is that you never really want to test “old man strength” unless you are absolutely, positively, sure you can win. Also, if you’re drunk, it should be completely out of the question.

Fact number two was all but lost on the 25-year-old meat head bro in the video below. According to the YouTube description, he was being rude to the 44-year-old Papa Bro’s wife and another young woman.

Watching the video, you can see that Papa Bro was trying to reason with him and only knocked him out after meat head bro’s failed attempt at punching him in the face.

All 3:49 seconds of this video made me smile.


h/t TheBigLead
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