The 2012 Home Run Derby Drinking Game


A couple months ago, we brought you the 2012 NFL Draft Day Drinking Game and from what we heard, it was damn near impossible.  Before that, we had the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game, which was wildly popular as well.  Now, it is time to break in the Mid-Summer Classic as only Thunder Treats can…Behold, the 2012 Home Run Derby Drinking Game.

Rules and seconds to drink can be amended as party-goers see fit, I trust all of you not to sell yourselves short.

– If a homerun hits the foul pole, anyone with any type of visible yellow on themselves will kill there beer.  Acceptable items: phone case, watch, hat, etc.

Drink 1 second for every “back” Chris Berman uses when calling a home run. “Back-back-back-back-back-gone!” = 5 seconds.

– If a player hits a ground ball in the infield, everyone does a waterfall.  The order of the waterfall is alphabetical by name with A starting and Z ending.

Drink 19 seconds every time they refer to Jose Bautista as “Joey Bats”

– After a batter is finished and the ball boy runs up to him with a Gatorade/Powerade, all women must drink if the color of the drink is red, Orange, or pink. All men must drink if the color is blue, purple, green. But if the drink is the light purple Riptide Rush, for Gatorade or the White Cherry flavor for Powerade, all must drink. Because those two flavors are too good not to have every one drink.

– If a kid in the outfield drops a pop up, determine the age of said kid (roughly of course) and have a social drink for that amount of seconds

– If you are wearing any piece of MLB gear that matches the winners team (i.e. you’re wearing a Blue Jays hat and Bautista wins), you get to watch everyone kill their beers.

– If Chris Berman is talking and almost runs out of breath near the end of his sentence, the largest person watching the Derby must drink 5 seconds and do 5 push ups.  Seconds and push ups go up by 5 for every instance after that.

– After every batter, everyone drinks the number of seconds equal to the number of home runs hit (10 homers, 10 seconds)

– When a players kid is shown, the first person to yell “spawn” gets to give 10 seconds out.

– If a player is shown with a video camera, a round of “categories” will be played.  Topics must include baseball (Baseball movies, all stars, players at certain positions). The loser will drink 10 seconds.

– If a ball is hit foul, all people wearing sandals must drink 5 seconds. 10 seconds if they are also wearing socks.

Drink 24 seconds if the batter come to the plate wearing his hat backwards a la Ken Griffey Jr

– If one of the kids catching balls in the outfield takes on off the head or chest, pour one out for the little one then kill your beer.

– Anytime you see a fan holding a sign that says something like “Hit it Here” or has a bulls eye on it, the first person to yell “Bulls eye” gets to give 10 seconds.

– Anytime you see a grown ass man with a glove on, social drink for 10 seconds.  We need to unite and show that not all men are douche bags like the one shown.

– If the person pitching has an even number on their jersey and your birthday is an even number, drink 10 seconds.  Same if it is odd.  If the pitchers number matches your birthday exactly, kill your beer.

– In the event Stuart Scott is calling/covering the game, every time he says something stupid or corny you must drink 5 seconds with one hand covering your pretend lazy eye

Pour your beer over your head if any batter actually swings and misses

There ya go!  That isn’t too many rules but it should make the HR Derby a little more interesting for you.  Be sure to submit pictures/videos/stories if you and your bros attempt this drinking game.


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