11 year old survives tornado by hiding in a clothes dryer

iowadryerEleven year old Austin Miller was home alone on Wednesday when a terrifying storm ripped through Lennox, Iowa.  Austin’s mother, Jessica, was at work and heard the warnings and called home to tell her son to take cover.  She informed her son to take cover in the house’s laundry room because, without a basement, it was the safest part of the house.

Once in the laundry room, Austin took his mothers instructions a step further by squeezing himself into the family’s dryer.  By doing this, Austin protected himself from the debris and glass that was coming down around him.  Smart kid.

The tornado tore the roof of the house and being in the dryer may have just saved Austin’s life.  Others in Lennox experienced down trees and damaged roofs.  Austin gets my nomination for Bro of the Week.

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