10 Simple Yet Useful Tips to Start Writing a Book

Most people think that only someone really special can write a book. How do people do that?

Of course, in order to create a masterpiece, you need lots of knowledge, exceptional imagination, talent, patience, and great writing skills.

If it’s all about you – many people have a chance to release a bestseller. Anyway, not everyone is a writer. For example, many students use services like EssayPro because they can’t manage their academic workload.

So, don’t take it personally if the task seems not doable at first.

In this article, you will find some practical tips to help you with composing a book.

Formulate the Credo

This part is at the root of great storytelling. You can use aphorisms, metaphors, idioms, or simple phrases. There are many websites, such as Smart Words for easy and fast searching.

Determine the way in which you can express the moral part of your narrative. Be aware that your story will be interpreted in different ways and try to relate the core to the readers with different backgrounds.

Invent Characters

It is important to imagine a life story for every person you want to mention in the future book. Great minds do so.

Find some portrait paintings, where people look similar to the way you imagine the characters. Also, each of them should have a certain secret, which others don’t know. It is useful if you don’t want to get bored in the middle of writing yourself!

Make a Plan or Sketch a Story

The detailed or loose plan of the book will help you advance more easily in your writing and ultimately come up with a coherent text.

The outline can look different. It may be successive items that resemble the usual content of a book, a map of thoughts, or just a sequence of events. Be creative, and have fun during this stage.

If you are into drawing, do not hesitate and sketch the most important events.

Organize Your Workplace

It can be a clean white room with nothing to distract you. Some good music can be added for the sake of a special atmosphere. Anything that suits you will do once you have a separate writing space.

Some authors go to different co-working places because they can’t work from home. The messy creative atmosphere is also okay if it is normal for you. If you prefer a clean working space, give self storage Santa Barbara of Honor Storage a try. They will help declutter your workspace with their many storage solutions in no time.

Make a Ritual to Write Regularly

Here’s an example for you. Jack Kerouac lit a candle before he started work, and when he finished writing, he blew it out. The candlelit was a signal to the brain – time to create.

Think of a ritual that will set you up to work. You can start your writing sessions at the same time or listen to your favorite band before you begin the work.

Writing Anything Is Better Than Nothing

Here is one good tip from the book The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron.

Never get stuck in one place. Otherwise, you can lose your confidence. Also, it is always better to try out different perspectives that you hadn’t thought about before.

Write First, Edit Later

Trying to produce error-free text at once, you can easily get out of the flow state, lose your creative stream. It is important to finish your writing and then give it for reading to three close to your people. Once you get their feedback, it’s time to make edits. In the event that isn’t possible, or you don’t have three close people to share it with, you should consider a Query letter review. These reviews are done by professional editors and are essential when seeking a publisher or literary agent.

Rest Matters

Every few hours you should try to go somewhere from your workplace to find some inspiration and simply relax. We all need a reboot from time to time. Try walking more. They say that feet are the wheels of thought.

Communicate with others, listen to music, have lunch at your favorite cafe, watch a movie. The inspiration may also come while you do some work around the house or in the garden.

Be Open About Writing

This piece of advice may not be universal. Yet once you make it public by sharing that you’ve started to work on the book with friends or write a social media post, this will serve as a good motivation not to stop.

Don’t listen to any criticism. Believe in yourself, try to be confident, and sure that you will reach your goal.

Develop Yourself as a Writer

You should be an akin reader yourself and find your favorite authors. Learn from their styles. Identify some peculiar techniques.

Consider the greatest storytellers and thinkers as co-authors (in the form of quotes). Together you’ll write a great book.

Final Words

Know that writing a book is not an easy thing but also not so much of a challenge as you can think. There are only a few steps to follow that stand in the way of you publishing a bestseller.

Hopefully, you’ll find this article handy, and now you are inspired to start writing your first book. Looking forward to a masterpiece from you!

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